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Wer sind Sie und was machen Sie?

I'm Anne-Christin Hofmann, friends call me Gretchen. I have my own accessories label "Gretchen" and I make beautiful leather handbags for girls and ladies. I design every style myself and my focus is on modern, minimalist shapes and the quality of the leather itself.
Gibt es etwas in Ihrem Leben, das Sie bereuen?
No regrets, I believe that everything in life has a purpose, even the bad things or arguably "wrong choices".
The person I am today is the result of everything I have experienced and done in the past.
In welcher Fernsehsendung wären Sie gerne einmal Gast?
I'm not a big fan of all those talk shows, but I love watching Tatort. So if they ever need a supporting actor for playing the victim: I'm ready!! Hope that counts as "being a guest in a TV show".
Wem würden Sie Ihr letztes Hemd geben?
I'd give my last shirt for Mariah Carey or Britney Spears cos they both seem to experience dramatic shortages of textiles in their wardrobes, obviously disabling them to cover up their bodies in a visually less insulting way... If they call 0800 GRETCHEN I'll help out instantly, promised!
Wo haben Sie Ihren schönsten Urlaub verbracht?
One of my best holidays was a horse riding trip through Ecuador with friends... amazing landscapes and a perfect way to reach remote places. I love outdoor-action-holidays, I'd go nuts lying on a beach for more than 1 day.
Welches ist Ihr Lieblingsgetränk?
Tea... I am a tea addict and have probably around 30 different types. Black, green, white, chai, any type of herbal or fruit infusion... love it!
PS: black tea with milk and brown sugar of course!

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