William Aston
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William Aston

Wer sind Sie und was machen Sie?

My name is William Aston. I am a fitness trainer from the U.S.
Wo würden Sie gern leben?
On to Island with warm water and lots of fresh seafood! And a gym .. I gotta have a gym to workout in! hahaha!
Was war das letzte Buch, das Sie gelesen haben?
The last book I read was "The Ultimate Sales Letter" by Dan Kennedy
Was ist der Sinn des Lebens?
Life to me is just a series of events that are neither good or bad. Your mind places labels on events and causes you to react in a good way or a bad way. The quality of your life depends on how you react to those events and challenges. Sun always try to stay conscious of the moment that you're in so that you can react the right way as life comes at you!
Was würden Sie als König von Deutschland ändern?
I think you have a wonderful contry from what I've seen of it. However, if I were king of your country, I'd change what benefited the people first and foremost ..
Mit wem würden Sie gern mal Essen gehen und warum?
Probably the creator of the universe. To ask why ... why this? why was everything created? ..
Was darf niemand in Ihrer Wohnung finden?
You will not find any women's underwear in my house .. (as hard as I try, I just can not get them to leave me with something to remember them by! .. Hahaha)
Wer war der Held Ihrer Jugend?
The Incredible Hulk .. why? Becasue when he got angry, he got focused and accomplished all of his goals so .. and he got to break things along the way which I thought was cool!
Was war Ihre schlimmste Sünde?
I ran over a goose once .... on purpose!
Wen oder was würden Sie retten wenn Ihr Haus brennt?
Everyone that I possibly could
Hatten Sie schon einmal ein Blind Date?
never! I've never ever had one! that is so weird! ...

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